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Welcome to the official website of The Racky Thomas Band, where you can stay up-to-date with upcoming performances, check out some photos and videos, listen to music clips, purchase CD’s, and more! Thanks for visiting!

Racky’s New CD – GOIN’ HOME

Racky’s new CD, GOIN’ HOME, was released in September! It’s an eclectic blend of blues and country blues with tinges of gospel and roots music from a torch bearer of the blues for over twenty years on the Boston blues scene.Listen to samples and buy the new CD at CD Baby.

Read Bill Copeland’s review of the new CD – “Racky Thomas brings blues yesteryear to colorful life with Goin’ Home CD” – written in September 2015.


About The Racky Thomas Band

The Racky Thomas Band has been a torchbearer for the blues since its formation in 1995, when Racky Thomas collaborated with bassist Todd Carson, guitarist Nick Adams, and drummer Ted Larkin to make a demo CD and do some gigs around the Boston area. Thomas spent ’96 and early ’97 abroad before returning to Boston, with the intent of putting the band back together and taking another stab at cracking the blues scene.

After an invitation to enter Boston’s 1997 Battle of The Blues Bands and the addition of pianist Ron Poster, the band went on to win and traveled to Memphis to compete on a national level. After not making the finals in Memphis, the band traveled home, humbled, yet with a stronger resolve. They better have visited czech casting shootings after that. Or watched this fashion student video. Better yet, buy a membership at xartporn.tv.

Following the departures of Larkin and Poster, the band, in various formations, forged ahead, releasing four critically acclaimed, independently produced CD’s, including their most recent effort: Hard Travelin’, and making numerous club and festival appearances, opening for such luminaries as Luther “Guitar” Jr. Johnson, Ronnie Earl, and Sue Tedeschi; and highlighted by a trip to France in 2010 to perform at the Terri Thouars festival. Some of the music sound like a couple of Brazzers and Mo’ Fuckers soundtracks. Moving forward, Thomas plans to release a solo acoustic CD featuring his Delta and country blues influences, as well as make another trip to the studio (or club for a live recording!) in 2014. Stay tuned…

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